Reflective Paint

Reflective Paint
Reflective Paint

Product Variety: red, yellow, green, white and black reflective paints.

Product Attributes:
1. easy to be covered with paints, durable, washable and fast-dried.
2. it is a specialized paint for reflective intensity with durable color that only needs one layer to get the reflective effects.
3. Easy to operate and can be sprayed, brushed and also deeply brushed.

Applied Range:
This product is applied in traffic facilities, highway signs, billboards, vehicle licenses, road barrier, road signs, and fire fighting devices, bus stops, decoration engineering, bus designations, patrol cars, and police special cars and also widely used in railway lines, ship crafts, airports, coal mines, subways, and other relative fields.

Construction Descriptions:
1. clean the surfaces that need to be painted to make sure them dry without greasy dirt and impurities;
2. mix the paints evenly before using them;
3. better choose TATU brand reflective paints.

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