GN-WB-I Cold Water-bourn Road Marking Paint

GN-WB-I Cold Water-bourn Road Marking Paint
GN-WB-I Cold Water-bourn Road Marking Paint

wear resistance Its unique formula enables the paint to be better adhesive to road surface and glass beads, therefore it is quite wear resistant and weathering resistant.
service life Due to its strong adhesiveness and wear resistance  decided by the paint’s overall structure and its support system to dlass beads, the service life is generally 1.5 years in urban district and more than 2 years on expressways after testing the wear resistance and compressive strength on related sections. (foreign standard to measure the marking lines’ service life: when the reflection coefficient is lower than 100MCD, re-marking lines is required.)
reflection effect After finishing marking lines, the 1/3-1/2 part of glass beads need to be on top of paints, when its reflecting degree reaches 300MCD. Coated or High refractive glass beads have better reflection effect. The reflection effect is definitely better than normal thermoplastic and solvent paints especially when it is rainy or at night, which seems always new at daytime or at night.
drying time Under different climate conditions, it takes about 2-5 minutes for the surface to dry, thus decreasing the pollution and shortening the time of blocking road greatly. 
Environmental- friendly High solid content as high as 77% (unvolatile solid, quality percentage), less gas volatilization and none harmful solvents. Therefore it is environmental-friendly during production and construction.
Facilities and construction During the construction, spray time and pressure of glass beads need to be scientifically controlled according to  paint film’s thickness and drying rate. Only hand-pushed or truck-mounted road marking equipments with system to adjust the pressure and flow of glass beads can help mark perfect lines. After construction, wash the spray gun, spray nozzel, tank and so on by water in time.

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