GN-TC-I Thermoplastic road marking paint

GN-TC-I Thermoplastic road marking paint
GN-TC-I Thermoplastic road marking paint

excellent molding effect and strong pressure resistance The high intensity resin is matched with superior pigments, fillers,heat resistant agents, leveling agents, solidifying agents and other imported auxiliary agents, making the convex bump molding effect excellent when construction. The marking line has strong abrasion and shock resistant ability, ensuring itself not chip off-falling and deform.
bright color and high weather resistant ability The imported rutile titanium dioxide(white) or heat resistant chrome yellow(yellow) is matched with excellent pigments and ultravioresistant auxiliary agents. The marking line has the characteristics of acid resisting, alkaline resisting, antifouling,bight,highly weather resistant, etc.
fast drying When the temperature is 20℃, and the relative humidity is 40%, the marking line surface drying time is no more than 3minutes, and the construction has little pollution to environment.
construction condition The suitable temperature for the paint construction is 180-220℃. The suitable construction environment temperature is 5-40℃, and the relevant humidity is less than 70%. When there is excessive difference for humidity and temperature, the paint construction temperature or speed can be adjusted properly. The road should be kept clean and dry when construction. Special primer produced by our company can be used on cement and asphalt road surface.
paint amount to be used Bump convex marking machine mainly has square, strip, dot form and other patterns. Different quantity of paint will be used for different patterns. To take comparatively universal square line marking machine for example, when 5×4.5×0.5cm bump and the intervals corresponds to twice of that pattern area, 5kg paint will be used for each squaremeter. For other pattern or different area or different intervals, the quantity can be calculated reckoning as per specific situation.   

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