GN-TP-I Thermoplastic road marking paint

GN-TP-I Thermoplastic road marking paint
GN-TP-I Thermoplastic road marking paint

Adhesiveness Unique formula design, good adhesion with road surface. In order to exhibit a better cohesion, please use our specialized primer(special for cement road) 
Slip resistance Containing anti-slip agent, good leveling property and anti-slip performance, maximum to guarantee the driving safety.
Reflective Containing enough quality coated glass beads and the glass beads are of good refractive index. According to the settlement rate, scientifically choose different size glass beads together which will keep good reflective effect for the new and old marking line.
Fast drying According to construction conditions are not same, such as temperature, humidity or subgrade situation, supply different formulation product which will ensure the excellent drying speed and antifouling property.  
Stability Adopting excellent raw material which are of light and heat stability property. In the good sunshine area to apply the product, add some anti- ultraviolet radiation agent in it to guarantee a long time original color and luster. 
Anti-micro-crack Micro-crack is a big technical problem in the road marking paint industry. Through the technicians long time researching, the problem has been solved thoroughly when add high temperature resistant lipid-based material and functional material.    

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