GN-SP-I Cold Paint Road Marking Machine

GN-SP-I Cold Paint Road Marking Machine
GN-SP-I Cold Paint Road Marking Machine

Application and features:
1. Hand-push type, mainly be used to road marking construction of motorway, city road, parking place, etc.
2. New pattern diaphragm high pressure airless pump, large flow rate and stable pressure.
3. Two new pattern manual spraying gun, equipped with hard side columnar reverse decontamination nozzle which can resolve the block problem at work field conveniently. Non-arc nozzle to ensure the marking line straight. 6 meters lengthening pipe can be used for unconventional spraying, such as spraying arrows, characters, etc.
4. Adopting strong wield frame, the surface be treated by chromium plating or corrosion resistance spraying. Allocate high speed bearing to ensure the whole machine lightly and flexibly.
5. Telescopic guide rod can be adjusted from left to right and top to down.
6. Direction device of lockable front wheel ensure the line orientation straight or curve turning freely
7. Allocating high lightness lamp is convenient for night job. The flash frequency warning light can be adjusted and greatly improve the safety.
8. The booster can be equipped, realizing the self-propelled function.

Main Parameter
Engine: Robin 6.0HP or Honda 5.5HP gasoline engine.
Paint pump: Maximum pressure 20mpa( working pressure 10-15mpa), maximum flow rate 8.5L/min.
Paint tank: 65L, equipped filter unit in the tank and suction filter in the feeding inlet.
Spaying width: 100-450mm.
Dimension:1200 mm(length,exclusion the part which can be elevotory )×720mm(width,exclusion gun rack)×970mm(height,,exclusion the part which can be elevated.
Overall weight: 185kg.

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