GN-HDP Hydraulic Double-cylinder Pre-heater

GN-HDP Hydraulic Double-cylinder Pre-heater
GN-HDP Hydraulic Double-cylinder Pre-heater

1. It is mainly used to heat and melt thermoplastic road marking paint, and work together with thermoplastic road marking machine to mark lines on expressways and city streets.
Liquefied petroleum gas and low temperature combustion system make the paint be burnt more compeletly and economically. It is equipped with electronic or manual ignition device.
2. Conducting oil or high-tech thermal insulation materials and multilayer insulation system save time to melt the paint, keep the paint warm for longer time and saves 30% gas than normal pre-heater.
3. Hydraulic stirring system can be used to adjust the speed, switch directions at any time to make the paint melted more competely. The automatic overload protection device can make sure the driving system be off work when an emergency occurs. The machine is also equipped with fire extinguishing device to ensure the safety of operators and machine.
4. Each cylinder is equipped with double imported conducting oil sensing thermometers which are heat-resistant and anti-seismic; Four suction type chimneys on top can expel smoke and waste gas completely from the cylinders; The intermeshing discharge system with lockable discharge chute make the opening and closing safer, more accurate and easier.

Main parameters:
Engine: 18HP water-cooled electric start diesel engine--- low noise and environmentally friendly; can display water temperature, voltage and engine oil; max rotational speed: 2200 turns/min.
Melting pot: capacity—2*350L; Circular arc special steel stamped bottom—anti-burning, high-temperature resistant and antioxidant.
Hydraulic tank: with windows, heat sink and oil temperature; capacity: 50L; with #68 hydraulic oil.
Stirring system: vertical vane type or multiple hydraulic stirring system.
Heating temperature: controlled according to different paints (180-220℃).
Measurement: L 1880mm * W 1530mm * H 1690mm.
Weight: 850KG.

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