GN-HSP Hydraulic One-cylinder Thermoplastic Pre-heater

GN-HSP Hydraulic One-cylinder Thermoplastic Pre-heater
GN-HSP Hydraulic One-cylinder Thermoplastic Pre-heater

Application and features:
1. Mainly be used to heat and melt thermoplastic material, matching the thermoplastic road machine to work in the motorway or municipal street, etc.
2. Heat conduction oil, high-tech filling type insulation material and multiple thermal insulation system. Advantages: less material melting time, longer holding time, less fuel consumption, and higher melting efficiency.
3. Hydraulic mixing system can be controlled by requirement to adjust mixing speed and direction to ensure the melting material heated thoroughly; Equipped with overload automatic protection system, the drive system can separate automatically in the emergency situation. At the same time, allocated fire extinguishing apparatus ensure the safety of operator and equipment.
4. There are equipped with 4 suction type chimneys at the top of kettle which can discharge the dust and waste of combustion chamber and kettle cavity.
5. Tooth clamp type sealing feeding system equipped with lockable tank. The opening and closing will be more safe, accurate and convenient.

Main Parameter:
Engine: 18HP water-cooled electrical starting low noise environmental protection diesel engine
Paint tank: 450kg. Anti-scorch, withstand high temperature, anti-oxidant circular special steel stamping pot bottom
Agitator: upright vane multiple hydraulic blender
Dimension: 1860mm(length)×930mm(width)×1740mm(height)
Overall weight: 560kg

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