GN-HTP Thermoplastics Zebra Crossing Marking Machine

GN-HTP Thermoplastics Zebra Crossing Marking Machine
GN-HTP Thermoplastics Zebra Crossing Marking Machine

Application and features:
1、Mainly used for zebra crossing jobs of motorway, city road and parking place.
2、The integration design of marking bucket and paint bucket, hanging inside of chassis frame. The outlet bottom-knife adopt double closing device. The bottom-knife seal is tight and drip-proof. Alloy steel screeding structure bottom knife, tungsten alloy cutter head, anti-stick and abrasion-resistance. Ensure the marking line smooth and straight.
3、Through the gear transmission, sowing roll will scroll broadcasting. Ensure the beads more uniform and save.
4、Adopting strong wield frame chassis, surface will be treated by chromium plating, zinc plating or high temperature resistant spraying. Allocate high speed bearing and ensure the whole machine light and flexible.
5、Allocating high temperature resistant(350℃)and abrasion resistant special modified rubber wheels which diameter is φ200mm, It can efficiently prevent the rubber wheel deformation due to long time high temperature working.
6、Through heat-resistant and pressure-proof rubber hose, 15kg LPG tank supply the LPG to the front and back two rows nozzle and firing gun separately. The fire can be controlled by valve. The valve and nozzle both are imported from famous manufacturers.

Main Parameter:
Glass bead bin: bin with window, timely check the glass beads content.
Marking width: 1.5-3.0mm
Paint tank: equipped filter in the tank which can filter out the impurities in the paint efficiently
Dimension: 1300mm(length)×750mm(width)×900mm(height)
Overall weight: 142kg(excluding LPG tank)

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