GN-PM-I Hand-push Pre-Marker

GN-PM-I Hand-push Pre-Marker
GN-PM-I Hand-push Pre-Marker

If adopting vehicle to do pre-marking job before marking line, the vehicle input cost is high, and it is usual that the marking construction is influenced due to pre-marking vehicle not reaching in place timely.

Functions and characteristics:
1. GN brand hand-push pre-marker can mark pre-marking line according to needs at any time.
2. It is equipped with two actuating arms with walking wheels, which can adjust pre-marking line width freely. It can mark 1 to 4 pre-marking line as per construction requirement and site condition, thus the construction efficiency will be doubled and redoubled.
3. Its firm welding frame chassis surface is chrome-plated or treated with anti-corrosion coating. It is equipped with high-speed imported bearing, ensuring the whole machine more lightsome and convenient.
4. The orienting device that can lock single wheel ensures the road marking machine operate in straight line or change directions freely on curved road.
5. The guide rod can be adjusted upward, downward, leftward and rightward freely and conveniently, and it guides directions accurately during construction.

Main Parameters:
rubber wheel: φ440mm;
orienting wheel: φ190mm;
outside dimensions: 1445mm(long)×700mm(wide)×1320mm(high) 100Kg.

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