GN-MTR-I Milling-planing Type Remover

GN-MTR-I Milling-planing Type Remover
GN-MTR-I Milling-planing Type Remover

Functions and Characteristics:
1. This machine is applied to remove materials on various surfaces, and its removing effect is much better when being used to remove road marking line.
2. It adopts imported special steel cutter and tungalloy cutter head. The milling drum quantity can be exchanged swiftly and freely to satisfy requirement of different working width and depth.
3. The handle rotary depth adjuster adopts accurate pith adjustment, and the milling depth can be controlled accurately according to needs.
4. It is connected with emergency stop device, ensuring the equipment out of control stop in time.
5. All tyres of the whole machine are customerized abrasion resistant modified rubber tyres.

Main Parameters:
Engine: Japanese Robin or Honda 6.0HP air-cooled gasoline motor.
Milling depth: 2.5mm(adjustable).
Milling width: 200mm(adjustable).
Outside dimensions: 883mm(long) ×330mm(wide) ×934mm(high).
Whole machine weight: 55kg.

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