GN-PT-I planispiral Road marking Remover

GN-PT-I planispiral Road marking Remover
GN-PT-I planispiral Road marking Remover

Function and Characteristics:
1. This machine is mainly used to remove cold solvent and thermoplastic road marking line.
2. Imported tungalloy steel cutter head is hard and rotates fast. The cutter head has long operating life, and it is convenient to load and unload it.
3. It is installed with depth adjuster, which can be adjusted according to needs and fixed. It adopts accurate pitch adjustment, and the depth can be controlled accurately as per needs.
4. The depth dial is installed to adjust the pressure that cutter head imposes on the road surface. The pressure can be adjusted according to the road condition and paint type, and the largest pressure can be into the road surface.
5. The patent polishing head automatic clutch device can ensure the polishing head clutch with the polishing axle automatically, ensuring the polishing quality, reducing the damage to road and extending the machine lifetime effectively.
6. It reserves φ76mm dust collector connector( Dust collector device is optional for users). Watering device can be installed additionally to extend cutter head lifetime, improve construction efficiency and reduce dust generating in the construction site. The rubber sleeve installed around cutter head can avoid dusts and fragments generating during working from splashing outside and protect operators.
7. It can work forward, backward, leftward and rightward freely with pushing, pulling and waving operating type.
8. Its firm welding frame surface is chrome-plated or treated with anti-corrosion spray. The four-wheel structure ensures the machine more stable during working and makes it more convenient to operate.
9. The modified abrasion resistant rubber wheel can avoid effectively itself from delamination or deformation due to long time shaking. Both its front and back wheel are exquisite steel wheel hubs, and it is configured with high-speed imported bearing, making the whole machine more lightsome and convenient.

Main Parameters:
Engine: American Briggs10.5HP vertical double filter air-cooled gasoline engine, and its gasoline throttle is controlled automatically by operating brake.
Marking cutter: imported tungalloy steel cutter, which has 24-teeth and 48-teeth kinds.
Polishing width: Its polishing width can reach 620mm when operating leftward and rightward, and the width is 180mm when operating forward and backward in straight line.
Outside dimension: 1382mm(long) ×705mm(wide) ×960mm(high).
Whole machine weight: 206kg.

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