Deformation and tooth side of the thermoplastic paint

2012-06-11 10:27:11

1. Mainly tire marks and stains. Choose high quality paint with proper viscocity and better mobility. Strengthen constrcution management and be open to traffic after coating dries completely.

2. Horizontal stripes on coating surface are caused by viberation of marking shoes, over adhesiveness, uneven pavement and so on. Should control the operation temperature well, check the screeding plate of marking shoes on time and clean the pavement completely. While pushing the machine, should avoid viberation of marking shoes.

3. Vertical stripes on coating surface are caused by thermoplastic paint being burnt partially, or extraneous matters being mixed. There are also possibilities of defects or paint residue in inlet of marking shoe. Bad pavement conditions will affect directly the looks of marking lines and the reflectiveness at night. To deal with this, should control heating temperature strictly to avoid being burnt and extraneous matters being mixed. Before construction, should check and clean machines and marking shoes completely and make sure everything is in normal condition.

Road marking lines are integral parts of traffic safety facilities and play an irreplaceable role in expressway transportation. Construction level and product quality are correlative to the service life of road marking lines, and even to transportation safety and efficiency in an area, therefore we should pay more attentions to various problems occurred during road marking construction. By learning and mutual communications, we should solve all the problems to make sure of great improvement in whatever product quality or construction level, thus road marking lines can play a bigger role.


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