Peeling-off Problem of the thermoplastic paint

2012-06-11 10:20:27

1. Peeling-off in pavement cracking places. Adjust the formula to make it more adhesive and more flexible;

2. Pavement is untidy, or primer is not used. Operate strictly according to construction procedures and make sure of high quality;

3. After primer is sprayed, it’s been a long time before marking lines (or construction in windy and sandy days). In such conditions dust sticks easily onto the marking lines which causes them to peel off. Mark lines immediately after primer dries;

4. Marking line coating is effected by pavement moisture degree. If there is water on the road, or it is quite wet, actions must be taken such as construction after pavement dries. While construction, make sure the pavement is dry. Under special conditions when work has to be done, dry the pavement in manual way;

5. When environmental temperature is less than 5℃, or construction quality is unstable, peeling-off occurs easily. If heating temperature is too low, adhesiveness between marking lines and pavement will be effected greatly; if primer is not used, it is better to construct when environmental temperature is more than 10℃. The momentary temperature when paint is sprayed on the pavement cannot be lower than 180℃; in early winter, it’s better to construct during 10:00 am.-15:00pm since the environmental temperature cannot be too low;

6. Paint is not heated enough or not mixed evenly. Before construction paint should be heated completely and mixed evenly;

7. Improper primer is used on cement concrete pavement; high alkaline and fragile layer on newly-built cement concrete pavement cause the marking lines to peel off easily. Penetration-type primer should be used to improve the adhesiveness to concrete pavement. Cleaning work should be done on newly-built cement concrete pavement.


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