Wearing Resistance Problem of the thermoplastic paint

2012-06-11 10:25:23

1. The road marking line wearing has direct relationship with traffic volume. On roads with big traffic volume, comparatively much large vehicles and frequent lane change, the road marking line will wear quickly generally. Besides, comparatively dirty road surface with dirt and pebbles existing will accelerate marking line wear. The wearing resistance of marking line has relationship with the paint itself. The paint production formula adjusting will influence the paint’s performance, such as adding some stuffing with wearing resistance like quartz sand.

2. To ensure thermoplastic road marking line have comparatively long service life, the paint formula should be chosen according to different climatic conditions and reliable-quality and stable-performance raw material should be bought. The temperature should be controlled strictly during melting paint; the paint should be stirred evenly; the marking line construction speed should be grasped well during construction; the thickness levelling should be ensured and the road surface should be kept clean.


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