Electronic police(Automatic recording system of running the red light)

Electronic police(Automatic recording system of running the red light)
Electronic police(Automatic recording system of running the red light)

System function

1.       Snapshot system of running the red light

Each illegal record consists of four pictures, showing the whole process of front, middle and back of the vehicle pressing the line and license number close-up picture. It can reflect the illegal process of motor vehicle running the red light through the appropriate displacement between the three illegal process pictures.

2.       Snap function of inspection spot

Snapshot the passing vehicles under the traffic light is in the passing traffic condition.

3.       Recognition function

It can identify the license number and vehicle color information through the snapshot pictures of running red light and inspection spot.

4.       Video function

System supports all day video function. Video file is AVI. MP4 compress and the video file frame rate is 12-15.

5.       Blacklist alarm function

System has the perfect inspection spot functions, all-weather real-time monitoring and record to all the vehicles and continuous identify and record to the passing vehicles (include license number, vehicles flow and vehicles speed), should realize blacklist matching and alarm functions.

6.       Traffic statistics function

Accurate vehicles traffic statistics function, count the vehicles flow in the specific time, provide the real-time crossing traffic information to the traffic management division and ensure the traffic flows well.

7.       Statistical reporting function

Powerful statistical function, generate flexible statistical methods and form statistical statement with various text and graphics.

8. System detection function

System monitors the front acquisition device. It real-time monitors and records the network, database, server, power and alarm facilities. Once an exception happens, it will turn on the alarm immediately.


System features

1.       Easy to setup, convenient to debug

Front image acquisition device integrates detection, snap-shop and recognition functions. Easy to setup and convenient to debug, shorten the installation and maintenance cycle.

Clear image and high resolution

Image resolution is 1600 x1200 and can shoot clear image.

2.       strobe light to solve the visual conflict

Unique strobe control system to solve the flashlight to the drivers’ visual impact

3.       B/S structure management

Central management software and intercept alarm software which adopts B/S framework. If have a browser, it will realize to query data. At the same time, it avoids the cumbersome process to install the client-side. 

Detection identification index

1.License plate allowed width in the image: 70-200 pixels

2.License plate image inclination angle from horizontal: -15-+15 degree

3.Scheduled time consuming of whole image: 100ms

4.Segmentation time consuming of single license plate : 2ms

5.Identify time consuming of single license plate : 1ms

6.Recognition accuracy of single character: 99%

7.Recognition accuracy of whole license plate: Good light, license plate image clear 95%

                                        General situations90%

                                        Night 95%

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